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Unique Phage-based
Solution for Food, Animal
and Human Safety
Who We Are

UniFAHS is a leader in phage biotechnology and applications in Southeast Asia, providing key solutions rather than antibiotics or chemicals, for farm to fork to promote safety in food, feed, animals and humans.


Pioneer in phage technology application to promote food safety and food sustainability from farm to gate.


We are aware of the shifting of consumer demand towards safer and healthier food. This creates a great opportunity for UniFAHS to proceed our innovation in the phage technology for promoting food safety and food sustainability from farms to dinning tables for better health and wellness of everyone in the world.

Our Core Value
UniFAHS offers customized phage-based approachesto combat bacterial pathogens to:

  • Solve food safety issues for the food industry, including meat, poultry & ready-to-eat foods
  • Improve animal health for livestock (poultry & swine) & aquaculture
  • Improve feed quality and safety for the feed industry
  • Improve the economic efficiency of farms, while promoting sustainable solutions
When Phages Matter from Farm to Fork
Bacteriophages or phages are virus of bacteria or known as bacteria-eater.
Phages have ability to attack harmful bacteria present in the food production
chain, while maintaining useful bacteria. Phages are bacterial host-specific
thus considering safe for humans and animals as they have been granted
GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the US FDA.

We are aware of the shifting of consumer demand towards safer and healthier food.
This creates a great opportunity for UniFAHS to proceed our innovation in the
phage technology for becoming the largest phage-based provider for agriculture
from farm to gate by market share in ASEAN. Our products provide natural,
antibiotic- and chemical-free meat, promoting food safety & sustainability,
green environment and wellness of consumers.
Our Key Markets

Feed Industry
Livestock & Aquaculture
Food Industry
Our Products in Pipeline

A customized phage-based solution as a bio-disinfectant applied in drinking water or as a feed additive for combating a range of Salmonella serovars in the poultry industry rather than antibiotics, leading to premium broilers and modernized farming.

Our product has been tested and used in drinking water for commmercial broiler farms.

Broilers and rearing environments are Salmonella-free upon completion of a growth cycle. farming.







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The Benefits of SalmoGUARD


Powder-Sprinkle on Food
especially low-water activity
foods & animal feed

Liquid-Mix with Water
spray on foods, carcasses or
food processing surfaces, or
use as drinking water for
farm animals

Tablet-Use for Therapy for Animals
preventing zoonotic disease
1. Control Programs for Major Bacterial Pathogens

UniFAHS partners with our customers to determine potential sources and diversity of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, and Vibrio that linked to safety & quality issues in farms, aquaculture, food industry or feed industry. The customized approach will be offered to be implemented for solving issues.

  • Seek for potential sources and diversity of pathogens
  • Customize key approach
  • Implement
  • Monitor outcome
2. Phage Development Platform

UniFAHS has developed and worked with a Phage Development Platform for more than 10 years of R&D. Our products have been customized using an advanced screening and testing processes combining molecular biology, genome sequencing tools, food/feed safety and toxicology and animal studies.

A Novel Form of Encapsulated Phage
product in Thailand

Team Member
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Kitiya Vongkamjan

PhD (Cornell Univ.)
Founder & CEO
Food Microbiologist
& Food/Feed Safety

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Chalita Wongpukdee

BSc (Prince of Songkla Univ.)
Marketing Director
Animal Feed & Agribusiness

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Christopher Aurand

PhD (Cornell Univ.)
Senior Expert - Innovation
Sourcing in Agribusiness

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Mingkwan Yingkajorn

Director of Technology
& Application Transfer

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Ruttayaporn Ngasaman
D.V.M., Ph.D.
15 years, Veterinary Public Health/ One Health
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Tom Aurand
40 years, R&D director,
International consultant – Food/feed industry